Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Unexpected Christmas present

I would like to show you a present that arrived just before Christmas. I didn't expect this at all and I was very happy to receive it. It is a Goblin sculpted by a very old friend of mine, Simon Modrow. We don't meet very often, mostly during some painting events like the Duke of Bavaria or the German Games Day. Nevertheless, I regard him as one of the biggest German talents concerning both his painting- and his sculpting abilities. His current output is rather little but he always manages to go to the next level. Check out his minis on cmon, his account on demonwinner and his blog.

Below you can see Simon's own, painted version of his sculpt. I hope I will start mine soon.


A hammer...

" is important to realize that any lock can be picked with  a big enough hammer."
Sun System & Network Admin manual

Apart of looking for quotes and music all day long, I feel it might be the right moment to get my hands back on my brushes. A lot of feelings are just waiting to find their place on the Darkblade bust. We will see....