Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

Long time no see

Almost a month went by since my last update on this blog. I was very busy with my job AND with my hobby. I passed the final exam and now I am a teacher. I went to Angelus from the Bemalforum to meet him an Goatman, where we prepared some entrys for the German Games Day and last but not least I went to Berlin for one week, where I meet Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish, Georg Damm and Kevin Kosse. They are currently working on breathtaking projects for the GD as well. Expext pure madness....

Here are a couple of pictures from the meeting with Angelus and Goatman from the "Bemalforum".

Thorsten and his wife live in a wonderful area,
their house is surrounded by vineyards, old castles and forests.

Thorsten is working on his GD project, Goatman is not. :)

What might it be?

Goatman works on the Nocturna pegasus for the World Expo.

Nice effect so far.

Thorstens entry for 40k Monster this year. He improved a lot on this mini.

I love the Gotrek and Felix books and Goatman does
as well. So he decided to sculpt his own Gotrek in 54mm,
I am so jealous about this miniature!!!

Goatman also finished this historical piece. The details
are really great, I live the vase and the fruits.

Here is a picture of me (the guy on the right) with a good friend in front of the Berlin Wall.

The museums in Berlin are very inspiring.

This is it for the moment. Very soon there will be an interview with Goatman.



  1. Great! I will meet all the german guys there ;) Especially excited about the ones I don't know yet, because Ben and Matt... I see them everywhere XD I hope to see great amazing new stuff! I know about what Matt's preparing, anything else really as crazy as that?? :)

  2. Some fantastic minis over there. Happy you're back!

  3. Thanks guys.

    Volomir, I think Matts entry will be a league of its own, nothing to compare with. Nevertheless there will be some very interesting entrys from other people I know. I hope we can talk a little. As I won't do a painting demo this year, There will be plenty of time. :)

    @ Dark Tower: yeah, me too....