Freitag, 2. September 2011

The Outlaw

As I told you a couple of days ago, I managed to finish my little version of Robin Hood. The whole scene, especially the colour scheme where inspired by the classic movies rather then by the current, darker versions of this character. The base was pure fun to do, the leaves are glued one by one. I can hardly imagine something more relaxing at the moment....
Thanks once again to Raffa (Picster) for taking the pics.



  1. Nice work, my painting mate... What I also like is the pretty detailed base! Greetz

  2. The Base is simply stunning my friend. In my opinion the colours are a bit flashy. Even Erol Flinn wasen't that bright (even though he might have ben a bright guy....;) ) Regards Tuff

  3. very nice. i like the flashing colour.
    socket fits very good aswell.
    now you have to find a big fatbellied model to represent the sheriff.
    this one could be painted up in dark colours for a contrast.

  4. Hi Chris,
    I have recently been through your all blog and I must say, that I read it all with big admire to your painting skills. I am pleased how many usefull things I found here and a big amount of inspiration for me. I am oil painter and been in this hobby for 8 years now, but I want to start with acrylics (because of the better contrast with less colour), so I will be following your blog with a big attention. I wish you all the best by your next projects, btw your Robin Hood figure is exquisite!!!