Dienstag, 27. November 2012

WIP Malus Darkblade

Years ago, I started the so called "box of shame". Inside lay all those miniatures that I never managed to finished. This one, the Ithandir bust from Andrea Miniatures lay there for maybe 3 years, could be even more. My first try on this bust was a major fail and I was really frustrated. About two weeks ago, it just felt right to give it another try. The current result can be seen on the pictures.

Some information on the my personal background to this miniature: I always liked the character of Malus Darkblade, mainly due to his background story. His soul was stolen by a Chaos demon and he spent his entire life to get it back. As the story is open ended, it is unclear wether he was successful or not. The Freeman sculpt always looked more like a Dark Elf, so I tried to catch his mood with fitting colours.

The face is painted with a brush, the general lights on the armour are done with airbrush (as still can be seen on the shoulders). The rest, lights, shadows and details are also done with a brush. It is the first mini where the airbrush did what I want instead of messing everything up. The chest is almost finished, up next is the part on his throat and the shoulders.

This miniature means a lot to me, as it represents a lot of developments that currently take place in my private life. Of course, there is no demon and my soul is still where it belongs. Its his serious expression that fits my mood.

Hope you like it. Feel free to leave comments. Sorry for those strange shadows on the mini, I used flash....



  1. Wow mate.. the face and such looks fantastic here! Really can see Malus in this model, so good choice to make it as such. Love the work on the armor as well.

    What color will you do the cloak though? looks a bit too close to the armor at the moment but it is just the base so.

  2. Hey M R Lee, thanks for your nice comment. The cloak wasn't covered while I used airbrush for the armour parts. It will be a totally different colour, some kind of greyish, yet warm tone, with purple in the shadows and yellow/ ivory for the lights. I think that should blend together the face, hair and armour when its finished.


  3. Yeeaaaah...
    That's great... really great...

    For my taste the folds on the Cheeks are a little bit to hard. But this is only my taste...

    The Armor is splendid. You painted even the reflecion points...
    You are a little bit crazy... you know that, don't you?

  4. Nice!! Typical super clean bm-style!
    And it seems that we are still in the purple phase...

    I´ve read the books just recently, and i think the colours fit very well.
    As Malus is possesed, sleeps very less and fights an inner-battle i would be great to show this fight on his face.

    Some shadows for the eyes would be very fitting, not because of the light, but because of to less sleep. maybe with some green hues to show the sickness inside his soul.

    Some dark veins would be great too, or some little bleeding scratches.

    Go mad!!!


  5. Looking great even in this early stage. Love the face and the armour too. Go on and give us more!!!

  6. Nice to see that he is out of the drawer of shame back to the lights of fame!

  7. Hey Chris. Well done! The skin looks really dark elvish! Look forward to see an update more quickly as usual...;)

    Greetz Florian

  8. Wow, I didn't expect that much feedback!! Thank you!!!!!

    @ Tagamoga: You are right, the initial lights on the face where way more subtle. For some reason, I wanted to exagerate the light, don't know why....

    @ Harald: thanks a lot mate, purple phase is going on...... the idea with the veins is great, I will see what I can do

    @ marmus: thanks :)

    @ Dark Tower: I'll go on very soon!!!

    @ Archer: Du reimst ja besser als der Pumuckl, und der hat schon gesagt: "Was sich reimt, ist richtig." :)

  9. Hi! Just sitting here with Stephan! We first thought its an old piece. Then we said - MONDIEU! NO! IT IES a-NJU!

    We both decided that we like it very much BUT the contrasts in the face are a tad too strong for that size.