Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Space Marine update #4

I painted quite some time the last days and the finishing line for the Marine is getting closer. Up next is the loincloth, the missing arm and the backpack. In fact, this miniature is so much fun that I am seriously thinking about doing a unit of 5 for the German GD. That would limit the number of total entrys to 2 -3.

I tried to differ the lights on the armour concerning the warmth. The upper part is rather warm, while the lower lights seem to be a bit more cold.



  1. Man, you are inspiring me pretty much. I've finished my Space Marine few days ago (http://dtsmodelling.blogspot.com/), but if you start painting whole squad, I'm going too :D Great job, keep on happy painting@

  2. Thanks a lot Dark Tower. I like your version very much, nice to see that my work inspires other artist. At the moment I am looking for good Space Marine miniatures for the squad. I am not sure with the current rules and need someone to help me with the HQ-choices that are available.

  3. Thank you very much Chris, it was really strong inspiration seeing your progress. Can't wait for more stuff.

    I already got mine Marines - I was a good boy for entire last year and I've found three boxes of special Space Marines (SM commander, Blood Angels Death Company and metal Legion of Damned) under christmas tree.