Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Painting evening

The last couple of days were really stressfull. Next week I have to show a demonstration lesson, I am close to finally become a teacher. As I made most of the preparations for that lessen, today is a painting evening. I opened my wip-box and came upon a miniature I prepared for painting about a year ago. I just basecoated it in white and am about to start. This is my victim for today, Latorres pirate. The sculpt is so full of character. I think I will go for a warm colour scheme and do a contrasting base. He will stand in the water up to his knees. Hope I don't ruin the water effect once again.

This is Latorres version of this awesome sculpt.

I will try to finish the face this evening, I hope I can succeed.

By the way, I did not forget my plans for the German Games Day, I just need a break from the marine at the moment.


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