Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Painting again

As I came through some hard weeks at work, I could neither care for miniatures, nore for this blog. The amount of visitors here went down really badly, nevertheless I couldn't do anything against it. I have one week of holidays at the moment, this means  a lot of relaxing time for myself. After two hard days of Anno 1404 (with the result of a vibrant metropole :) ), I found a bit of motivation for my beloved hobby of miniature painting. The Marine is starting to get a pain in the ass, mainly because of the repeating colours. My goal is to finish the left arm this week, that would leave only the backpack for the next weeks.

Furthermore I am seriously thinking about buying an airbrush station to do all the basecoating and zenital lights for me. That would leave more time for the really enjoyable things such as setting certain nuances into the right places etc. We will see......



  1. I'm happy to see you back painting, Chris! I know what are you talking about - working press really sucks, but when it's gone - it's painting time again! Waiting for more photos of your marine

  2. Go forth brush warrior! Forth and forth, never surrender to the dark voices calling you!! The marine is great so far, bring him to justice!!