Montag, 21. März 2011

Gold NMM recipe

I received some requests to post my recipe for gold NMM, so here we go. This will not be a step-by-step article because you can find tons of them on the internet. Instead I will describe which colours I use and how I apply them. Mind that my NMM style is usually not declared realistic, but rather kitsch and comic-style. If that is just what you are looking for, you might want to go on reading…
As I mentioned in the article about the correct basecoat, I try to start with a middle tone, what allows me to work towards the lights AND towards the shadows. Gold-NMM looks realistic, when you utilize large parts of the range of colours instead of just painting a transition from yellow to brown with two colours.

Light 4: Light 3 + Skull White (1:1)
Light 3: Light 2 + Skull White (3:1)
Light 2: Snakebite Leather + Golden Yellow (1:1)
Light 1: Snakebite Leather + Golden Yellow (3:1)
Middle tone: Snakebite Leather
Shadow 1: Snakebite Leather + Chaos Black (5:1) (dirty, greenish colour)
Shadow 2: Snakebite Leather + Chaos Black (3:1) (very dirty)

This is basically the colour recipe I always use as a base for Gold NMM. Depending on the mood a miniature is ment to transmit, I use different washes to alter the overall impression. Note, that there are only 2 different colour mixtures for the shades, but 4 to 5 mixtures for the lights. If you reduce the mixtures for the light you will proceed way faster but the result won’t be that convincing because your NMM will lack different nuances.

For the washes you can use any colour you like, most often I take purple to make the Gold a bit warmer. The opposite is possible as well….



  1. I love Olivka's (painter for Scibor monstorus) gold NMM style - it brings rich and comics-like colours... On some minis it's simply amazing. I was following this style on my last mini...,shop.php?art=933#i/2010/big/spartan_1p_01.jpg

  2. Your are right DT, her style is really good. She brings life to quite flat surfaces, what is very difficult to achieve.