Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Black or White?

Some years ago I wrote an article for the German White Dwarf about the importance of the correct primer. I have always used the GW primer, mainly because all other products I tested were a major disappointment. The article was not ment to discuss the advantages of different manufacturers, but the more important question of the right color.
Today I would like to summarize what I wrote at that time, without trying to convince anybody of anything. Let's start with a picture....

Both Marine shoulder pads were painted with two or three thin layers of Regal Blue. Far more imporant than the obvious difference is the further advance of painting. My technique of using very thin layers of paint to create soft blendings works very quickly when I want to create shadows, but takes "years" to lighten up certain areas on a miniature. It is quite obvious that the left shoulder pad would drive me mad and take hours, concerning this fact. The right shoulder pad, in contrast, is already painted in the lightest tone and mainly needs shading and a bit of softing out the blendings in the light area. This way, I can save a lot of time only by taking a white primer.



  1. Good stuff. I have always used white primer except in cases where I was painting a dark horse. I use oils and their transparency works really well over the white. It brightens all the colors while grey mutes everything and black simply makes life difficult.

  2. This is good theme to discuss, I used to start with white/grey primer, but last few minis I am trying with black primer (last on Dwarf General) and it's good. Just need to think different - you are paitning from dark to light and then you don't need to paint deep recesses and places where is no light. But most of base colours and transitions I amd doing with wetblending technique to get rich colours without millions of thin layers...