Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Event coverage: Duke of Bavaria 2011

Due to private reasons I could only go there on Friday and Saturday, so you get this coverage while the event is still running and the winners are not yet anounced. However, I can tell you that the monkey gang from Massive Voodoo did an excellent job and will take home a lot of trophies. 
The overall impression of the weekend was great once again, all the helping hands in the background show great routine and the show just works perfectly fine. The number of entrys wasn't as high as last year, but what can you expect a few months before the world expo is taking place. The level of quality was very high, both in historical and fantasy painting.
The number of retailers at the show also went down a bit, but that is nothing to worry about, I think.
I was very happy to meet dozenz of hobby friends from the Bemalforum, some foreign painters such as Fabrizion Rusto and many guys from the organization team. I also was allowed to take part at the decision of the Best of Show miniatures and that really helped me to understand what a jury is looking at when it comes to close decisions. That was a great experience.
Here are some pictures to give you an impression of the weekend.



  1. Hey Beasty good to have talked to you again lately...You did a col job by judging the entries.

    Regards from Hamburg


  2. Thanks Tuff, I am glad that you are satisfied with my work!!!