Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

What happened?

Wow, two weeks without an entry on the blog. What happened? First of all, I passed another very important exam and made a huuuge step towards being made a civil servant. This time was very hard, to downplay the whole situation. I felt like a Grey Knight lost in the warp, fighting 24/7 with no hope for return. However, in the end I found a way back and now I am almost done and utterly satisfied with the outcome. I slayed a monstruos demon (got an A) and now I can focus on something called "private life". Yehaa!!!!

Next week I will return to my painting desk and go on with the rat ogre. I can hardly wait for that moment....

Sorry for all of you waiting for a reply, I am an unworthy creature. :)

Tomorrow will be the french Games Day, the first european GD this year. I am very excited about that and will try to collect all links to galleries here.


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  1. "nd will try to collect all links to galleries here." I like it! :D
    I'm excited too! Can't wait to see all of these best works!