Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Tutorial: Creating unique plants and flowers

Small plants and tiny flowers add a lot of dept to a base. Unfortunately, most products you can buy don't really look realistic or are not available in the correct scale. I found a way to create my own plants in just a few minutes .

All you need is PVA glue, thin roots and some sort of leaves. I used linden leaves from plusmodels for my plants.

I drilled holes into a box and glued small parts of my roots onto it. The Colour pot shows the size of the roots. They should be rather small.

The linden leaves come in 4 to 5 different sizes and are slightly bent to one side. As they are made of paper, you can easily bend them into any form. The colour is rather realistic and doesn't need that much work during the finishing touches.

The largest leave is still very tiny. Make sure to turn away before sneezing. (not kidding, was no fun to recollect them)

Use a sculpting tool or a wire for the next step....

....and bend the leave around your tool. The leave will keep this form, you don't have you use something to fix it.

Keep on...and do some research on the internet. My plants are a sort of dicotyledons. By imitating things you find in nature, your plants will look more realistic.

This is what your plants look like before painting. I used some Green Stuff to create a petal.

 And this is the finished base with painted flowers. I used some highly dilluted purple for the leaves. Very simple...

Some details...

More details.....



  1. Nice tips, you make it look easy^^. I will be getting some of those leaves. Thanks.

  2. This is a great tip, I'm going to be using it on my current diorama. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hi¡¡ can you tell me the colors used for the base plases? i love it¡¡ thank you very much¡ great work¡¡¡

  4. I love to see what inspires you. Isn't it wonderful to find so much inspiration all around you.