Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Happy New Year

The last days have brought many changes to my tiny batcave. Me and my wife will move to a much larger cave very soon and we spent countless days with buying furniture and all kind of necessary and unnecessary stuff. We bought a showcase for my minis which is quite kick-ass, I will post pictures of it as soon as possible, but not before February.
Apart of that, I didn't get in touch with minis or mini-related stuff at all. To much other things to do, not enough time to relax. However, I expect a huge motivational boost in my own working/painting-room, what was the bat-kitchen until now. There are a few projects waiting to be finished and they have to be done until the Duke of Bavaria.
Sorry for not posting here on a regular basis at the moment!!!!!



  1. Thanks a lot for your posts this Year! I have the same project but without the batcave :)
    I build a new Painting Station in a corner with a table in the perfect high :)

    Happy New year too!
    Patrick aka The Painting Mage

  2. Die Problematik kenne ich nur zu gut. Wir sind gerade noch mit unserem Umbau beschäftigt. Ich wäre froh wir wären schon in der Möbelaussuchphase. Immerhin wird für mich ein schöner Hobbybereich entstehen: Offener Dachstuhl, Bruchsteinwände, Dachbalkönchen...Juhuuu!!! Es gibt aber noch viel zu tun, bis es soweit ist...

    I know this problem only too well. We are currently still busy with our reconstruction. I would be glad we were at it pick out furniture. At least a beautiful new area will be built for my hobby: open wooden roof, stone walls, a small roof balcony ... juhuuu! But there is still much to do, Until then ...