Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

It usually takes a long time to find a shorter way

What happened during the last couple of weeks? One thing is sure, I did not paint for a second. First and foremost I decided to be Dovahkiin, I slayed Dragons, improved my Thu'um, retrieved long-lost spoons, intimidated kings and spoke to whispering doors. Furthermore, I smithed day and night, decided to not follow the path of Mara for the moment and instead restore the former power of the thieves guild. With a bag full of torchbug thorax and a totally useless torch I made my way through the world of pixels.......

I you have no idea what I am talking about, please don't even try to understand. It will absorb your mind, take your full attention and leave you as a lonesome creature of the night. I love it!!!!!!

However, I just wanted to tell you that there will be a great meeting of painting friends the upcoming weekend. Among the guys are Picster, Goatman, Archer, Angelus and Dovah.....^^
I will take some pics of the event and hope it returns me to my workspace. In about 2 months me and my wife will move to a much larger flat and I will get my own working-painting-fun-batcave. Yehaaa :)

I will show pics of the painters-meeting early next week. Here are some songs, pics and videos I enjoy at the moment, a wild mix around the globe.....


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  1. Good to know you are alive - I wait for that Skyrim too at the moment to relax for some loooonnnggg moments - mine is still on the road but ordered. I will soon understand the words you written :) - Have fun at the painters meeting - I wish I could be with you guys ...