Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Bonecrusher and Brain finished

After a long time, I finally finished this miniature and the base. I tried a lot of new things here, new colour (Vallejo Air), more texture, focus etc. I like the cartoonish style of the result, especially because many other people won't. I tried to limit the colour palette and still let the rat ogre look like candy. The flash exaggerates the colour by far, maybe there will be taken some better pics one day.
Brain, the real boss of this duo, was originally standing on top of a banner in the Island of Blood box. Hope you like what I did on this guys, let me know what you think. This mini will definitely go to the Duke of Bavaria and maybe to next years German GD, we will see......



  1. what an extraordinary piece Chris! I love it!! The photos don't do any justice but the colours are simply breathtaking, I love the scheme. Congratulations!!!

  2. Great colours and great painting! Looking forward to see this one in real! I am today doing your transport box - sorry this takes us so long, we already choose to do some single paintings to honour your box ... Hear you sooN!

  3. Your works deserve much better photographs. I've tried to do everything i can: http://www.ljplus.ru/img4/h/o/holo_dno/whostheboss.jpg

  4. Beautiful job Chris - the time and effort you have put in really shows and the smooth painting and multitude of interesting little details really make this a great piece to be rightly proud of.

    Good luck at the competitions with this one mate!

  5. Puik, Brain! awesome piece of work, really like the choice of colors.

  6. Fantastic piece! Wonderful colors and smoothness of shading. Can we get a close up of Brain?


  7. WOW guys, thanks a lot for your nice feedback. I would never have thought that mini gets this kind of positive critics. I am happy. :)

    @ markus: thanks mate!!!

    @ Volomir: hearing this from your mouth makes me really proud!!!

    @ Roman: thanks as well mate, can't wait to show you the mini in real, I will bring it when the box is finished!!! Can't wait to see the result on that thing ;)

    @ anonymus: wow man, thank you very much; you did a good job on reworking the pictures. But who are you??

    @ CMDante: Thanks for your nice words!!!

    @ Lukas: thanks man!!!!

    @ CS: I hope so. Thanks...:)

    @ daveraylor: Dave, I added a pic with the closest shot of brain I have on my computer atm, hope thats fine for you. :)


  8. :O this turned out to be amazing chris. I love the colours, the base and the "brain" most! As usual u manage to paint so smooth. The metal tank on his shoulder looks great too, as if there are liquids under pressure inside it and they are starting to pour out etc. I can't wait to see this in the flesh at some point.


  9. This is an absolutely awesome miniature! The skin is great!!!

    Where do you use the Vallejo Air color? May be I want to buy them too.

    How do you paint the flower in the base?

    One deficit: The tank on the shoulder there is too much ink. :)

  10. Hey Chris this is really Great. Cool colours! I love it.
    Greetz Tuffskull

  11. Wunderschöne Mini! Auf dem HvB räumst du damit bestimmt richtig ab, beim GD bin ich etwas skeptisch da die CoC nicht sehr "skavisch" ist. Auf der anderen Seite zeigst du ein Modell aus der Butinsel Box, was ne gute Promo Maßnahme ist. Bzw. zeigst du DIE Mini aus der Blutinsel Box, ich habe bisher noch kein Modell gesehen, das an deins rankommt. Ganz großes Kino!

    Liebe Grüße aus der Nachbarschaft,

  12. i love it! the smooth lights r soo cool and the cartoony colours stands it out of the usual dirty brownish looking of wh skavens.Also i like a lot the concept of the dúo very very good

  13. Very nice Mini!
    I love the style! Maybe some more Contrast to the base to make base+mini fit together better, but this is high level critique, i really love it!


  14. @ Chris: hope to have you back in Germany next year, and make sure to bring a lot of minis...

    @ thepaintingmage: Vallejo Air is mixed in almost every part of the miniature, I can't really remember but you should definitely try it out; the ink on the metallics is meant to be pouring oil from inside the tank :)

    @ Tuff and Benni: danke Leute!!!!

    @ dancing platypuss: thanks :) :) :)

    @ Raffa: your are right, there is a contrast between the base and the miniature


  15. hi chris,

    your concerns about the colour scheme seem to be wrong. everyone loves this mini. i do aswell for sure.
    i like the unusual colourchoice, and i think that even in GW-eyes it will fit the skaven style. they are crazy enough.

    i miss the connection of base and model. at the moment it doen´t look like one piece. maybe some purple glazes could help.

    and it would be funny to have a socket that looks like a chunk of cheese (with holes), and painted black of course. just for the style.

    hope to see it in real.