Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Games Day Italy 2011 - link colletion

This years last Games Day has just taken place and we already have the first results.
The Slayer Sword goes to:
Matteo Murelli

More infos I found:

rapaz one gold and one silver
rusto one bronze
franciuus gold in Large Scale and Gold in Diorama
gobbo one bronze
axia one bronze
Raffaele Picca Gold in 40k Monster and silver in 40k Single
mauganrà one silver
Andrea Ottolini 4 golds and one bronze
Angelo Di Chello one bronze
Steve gold in Open
Vincent (Althalus) bronze in 40k vehicle with a speeder


Gold 40k monster (Picster - Raffaele Micca):

Silver 40k single (Picster - Raffaele Picca):


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