Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Bonecrusher update # 6

Not that much progress, nothing spectacular. The fist is almost finished, just have to set the tones right. Up next are the bandages on the other arm, then the cable and last but not least the tail. After that, fun begins...brain is already waiting for colour.....

Apart of that, I am making plans for upcoming events and contests. I love to do that, although most plans remain just that...plans. :)
As me and my wife cancelled our trip to the USA next year, I might take part at the German Games Day in October. The Duke of Bavaria is a must go as well. Apart of that, I would love to go to UK Games Day. Let's see which plans become real. ;)



  1. Progress is progress mate :) - good to see you keeping the momentum on this guy.

    Would be great to see your stuff at GDUK and catch you for a chat.



  2. wow, unbelievable! Motivating :)