Montag, 26. März 2012

Live painting announcement

On Wednesday next week (4th April) you can follow another live painting demonstration here on the blog. I will start around 8 am CET and paint all day long. If you want to see what the frst painting demo looked like, click here. There won't be any video footage, as this would be way to time consuming, but I will post tons of pictures of the process and explain my thoughts and tecniques while I paint.
I am not sure what kind of miniature I will paint but it will most likely be one of this years GD entries for Germany. Could be the next steps on Ascianus or something completely new, if I finish the conversion in time. This time, it will definitely be a fantasy/scifi-mini, nothing historical.

Feel free to spread this around your favourite blog/ forum/ whatever. If you would like a certain tecnique to be in focus or have any other wishes, let me know via comment.


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