Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Review: Painting class with Stephan Rath (derwish)

Last weekend was great. Not only did I meet Goatman (Sascha Buczek ) and the monkey gang, but I also took part at Stephan Raths painting class in Munich. I hardly could wait for this weekend, as I haven't painted for several months (new place, lots of work, bla bla reasons...). After I picked up Goatman in Augsburg and showed him the new place, we headed towards Munich. After about one hour, we arrived in a very priviledged district of Munich. Even more priviledged was the house (we could also call it minor castle) where the painting class took place. The inhabitants are students and belong to a "Corps". They do fencing (not kidding) from time to time and man - they know how to drink.^^

We met so many friends there and instantly felt comfortable. Some malicious tongues compared Goatman and me with Statler and Waldorf.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

Stephan started the painting class by pointing to the fact that he will show his way of painting, but that we would not try to convince anybody of his theories. You can decide wether you share his thoughts or not. That is a very clever way of thinking, in my opinion. His theoretic parts where short but very clear. He didn't want to get paople scared and think too much about painting. Therefore, we very soon started to paint. I decided not to paint the "Lathiem" but instead follow my motivation and go on with Ascianus.

I have the impression that all participants where impressed by Stephans extremly detailed way of seeing miniatures. This was visible all the time, but most on Sunday, when we painted some freehands. I failed very hard BUT I finally understood how Stephan gets those details to such a great perfection. The solution is quite simple but takes a lot of practice. A tutorial can be seen here.

Well, what can I tell you as a resume? I killed tons of Dr. Pepper Coke, killed a bed, killed a banner BUT I finally got back my motivation. Thanks a lot to Stephan for a very instructive weekend worth every penny. Go on like this and just stay the way you are.

Many more pictures can be seen here. Enjoy...



  1. こんばんは、Chrisさん!

    Thanks for sharing the report. I have been eagerly reading up on everthing I could find on Stefan's workshop.

    If all goes well, I will return to Germany at the beginning of April and hopefully will find a spot at his workshop in Hamburg in May...

    I hope to see you at HvB or GD 2012 maybe?

    Stay Hoopy!

  2. Hey Zaphi,

    good to know your coming back home. I will be present at the Duke and the GD in Cologne this year. Enough time to cherish your towel... :)


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