Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Day-to-day life

The last couple of weeks have been very intense for me. The graduation of my pupils really kept me busy but the final results have been a great success and a real satisfaction for me. Therefore, and because of my ongoing unwillingness to paint miniatures, I took a break from my beloved hobby. I spent an enormous amount of time looking for error 37, just to notice that it was patched away. Holidays will start soon in Bavaria and I am considering to take up the brush once again. There will be at least one painters meeting with my friend Erik, maybe that will get me motivated.

As a result of my current aversion to painting minis, I decided not to take part in this years Games Day Germany. I made that decision about 6 weeks ago and it really helped me. At the moment I don't even think about any projects, plans and contests for the remaining year.

However, I finally had the courage to try something out, I always wanted to do. I bought a canvas, thought about a motive and started painting. The result can be seen here:

As a teenager I loved to read mangas. Today, only one is left, "Vagabond" by T. Inoue. This picture shows the main character Myamoto Musashi, a ronin and maybe the most famous samurai ever. The picture can be found in one of the mangas, I decided to paint it on canvas. This was so much fun (started yesterday, finished in about 5 hours) that I am thinking about doing much more paintings like this one.



  1. Very cool.. I am also thinking of putting brush to canvas one day.. and hopefully it turns out as nice as yours does..

  2. Peter aka Baphomet5. Juli 2012 um 12:17

    The picture looks great! You should invest more time on painting on canvas. I think it´s a good alternative to miniature-painting and helps to free your mind :) Hope to see you soon again!