Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Holy Moly...

.... I absolutely did NOT expect this enormous amount of hits in such a short period of time. Many thanks to the monkeys over at massive voodoo, wo linked to my blog and all the other people who spread the news. Free bananas for today, guys!!!

I just took a new photo of the Space Marine. This is the current state, the powerfist and parts of the arm are not yet weathered. Although most of the blendings won't be visible because of scratches, I try to paint them in an acceptable quality (just for my inner balance^^).

The green colour is a mix of Dark Angels Green and Hawk Turquoise (60%-40%)
The lights are painted by adding more and more Bleached Bone.
The shadows are painted by adding Scorched Brown to the base colour.

Scratched should look randomly distributed, but they never are. I paint about 70% on edges because this is the most likely place to get in contact with any kind of objects. 30% are spread across the remaining surface. I might do a tutorial about painting scratches, if there is any demand.

Happy painting,



  1. Even if this is not your favourite sculpt (as you mentioned before), you're gonna make it real masterpiece with your paintjob. I really love how the green is turning out and those tiny scratches and weathering are just perfect. Keep on going man, we want to see more!

  2. It seems like I became posessed with your marine for last two days. I can't pull my eyes off it and I'm beginning to believe that I will paint such mini (don't have this Limited Edition, but own lots of SM bitz and spare parts). I wish I could achieve such smooth and intense paint. Can't wait for more pictures and really will appreciate tutorial about painting scratches and weathering.

  3. From what one can see so far, this will be quite epic =]