Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Marissa von Carstein

Although this is not a new miniature, I felt it could be worth loosing some words about it in detail. Marissa is my personal tribute to Jeremie Bonamant, who has been a huge inspiration over many years for me and has set new standards in fantasy miniature painting. Back in 2004 he won the Slayer Sword with his Marissa von Sonhan at the German Games Day, which can be seen here:
From that day on, I tried to improve steadily and put a lot of effort into miniature painting. Jeremie inspired me with every miniature he painted and I steadily followed every new step he made. Much of my own success and even some parts of my "style" are heavily related to him. 

The entire miniature was painted over the years, starting with the base. Originally I intended to put a Wood Elf on it, but never managed to find a decent miniature in the Games Workshop range. After about 2 years in my wip-box, the base was revived. Incidentally I came upon the miniature of Lucrezia Belladonna, a miniature from the old Dows of War range. From that day on, I knew I wanted to bring Jeremies story to the next chapter. Marissa, a former aristocrat from the Empire, had a rendezvous with a vampire of the Carstein family. Today she still wanders across her former land, looking for prey.
It took me at least one more year to find a suitable horse for the lady. I started with the Green Knights mount but scrapped that plan for various reasons. Finally, I decided to use an undead horse and do some tiny conversions.
All in all, Marissa including base and mount were painted over a period of at least 3 years.
This miniature won a Bronze Demon in Fantasy Single at the German GD 2010, what made me very happy.


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  1. One mini painted over the course of more than 3 years? Seems you read my book! ;D

    To start off with the only criticism I have: I just never have been a fan of GW horses alltogether. And the skeleton ones are actually the worst GW horses in my opinion. But hey, its not your sculpt :P

    Other than that, I love the paintjob. Its a Bestienmeister paintjob, that kinda says it all =]

    I do like the base, too, especially the little details like the snail (yummy). And for all of you who always wondered... edible snails are called 食事蝸牛. Now you know.