Montag, 10. November 2014

Goatman has arrived

There couldn't be a better opportunity for me to break silence on this blog than by introducing a very good friend and new member over here. He recently posted his latest miniature on the blog, so you might already have noticed that something has changed. From this day on, will be the home of me AND Sascha Buczek.
Let me take the time to briefly introduce him.
The first time I got in contact with Sascha was in 2004, I think. He was (still is) among the most famous fantasy painters in Germany, a hero for many young and ambitious painters. His work was years before others, to say the least. For some reason, we started to communicate via diffferent channels, mostly Skype. He gave me advice concerning my entries for Golden Demon and I gave him.... feedback concerning his. I think he liked the fact that I was honest with him and that I also told him what I disliked about his stuff. 
This exchange really helped me to reach the next level in miniature painting. His advice was always right and I tried to follow his ideas. This also was the time when we often met to paint together, make fun of each other and just laugh a lot.
Some years later, Sascha decided to move to Swiss to live with his girlfriend and work there. This might have been among the best decisions he has ever taken, although it means way less painting-weekends than in the "good old days".
The fact that he is willing to join my blog and post his miniatures makes me proud and happy.
I hope you enjoy the things he is about to present as much as I do. He still serves as one of my most important sources of inspiration.
The layout and presentation of the blog will more or less stay the same, at least for the moment. Goatman might post in English or maybe only in German, we will see about that as well. Pictures speak the same language anyway.

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  1. Sascha attracted my attention in the german forum tabletopwelt when he posted some of his sculpted figures years ago. Following his trails I found das-bemalforum and have been one of his biggest fans ever since.

    I made my biggest improvements in painting after a private workshop at his apartment in Munich.

    I hope Sascha will be more active in the future and shows us more of his fantastic work.

    Best regards,