Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Bonecrusher Update #1

There isn't that much time for painting at the moment, as I have to prepare for a further exam next week. Nevertheless I found some minutes to go on with the rat ogre. I have to say that I really really love Vallejo Model Air Colours, they are just perfect for my way of painting. I finished both feet, the loincloth and some bandages, more will follow. Slowly I understand how to use Airbrush to ease the work with the brush.
I am just thinking about a nice base, nothing too minimalist. Maybe the monkeys from Massive Voodoo have some more bricks for me. :)



  1. I´m really looking forward what you do with this modeland to see it in real on GD.
    These rat ogres are so cool. And the coc is very interesting. I love purple in all ways.

  2. Fantastic job, mate! Inspirative as always ('was looking for some rat model in my casket, I have the second ogre from Island Of Blood :)

  3. Really nice till now and something completely new from you.