Dienstag, 26. April 2011

"Quick, quick, scuttle fast...."

I am reading this book at the moment, and I must say that it is a real pleasure. I love the way how Skaven are easily the strongest power in the old world but again and again mess it up because of their pure stupidity and ignorance. Awesome.....

... this motivated me to start another GW project, one of the rat ogres from the Island of Blood box. This will be my version of Tanquols upmost stupid companion Bonecrusher (the current one, not one of those killed by Gotrek, hihi). I decided for a rather unusual colour scheme, don't ask me why. The mini was basecoated with airbrush, I also gave the feet a slight blueish nuance and sprayed a little light from the top. This is the current state after about 5 hours of work. I had to rework some areas because I experiment with new colours. The metal parts will most likely not be done in NMM this time, I think this doesn't work with a miniature so tremendously stupid.

I am not sure if this will become a pure fun project or something for the Games Day in Cologne this year. We will see.


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