Samstag, 23. April 2011

Phoenix Guard # 2

Holiday time here in Bavaria, I took some days of the internet and focused on painting and finishing some projects. I am quite productive at the moment, what makes me really happy.
Some years ago I wanted to paint a unit of five Phoenix Guards. I stopped after painting 2 and 1/2 minis because the colour scheme and the repetitive areas on the minis became very boring. Last year I reworked one of the minis and entered it in the Open Category of the German Games Day, what brought me a silver demon. You can find a link to the mini here .
Some days ago, I decided to put the second finished miniature onto a base and finish it. This mini might go to this years German Games Day, but maybe it wont. We will see.....
Hope you like it, I will add a bit more light to the halberd. The snow is the Andrea stuff mixed with Vallejo white, PVA glue and a drop of water. I will add a bit of ice hanging down the base.



  1. I've made couple adjustments to the photos, i hope you'll like them better that way:

  2. Thanks a lot, your pictures give a way better impression of the colours. You make me happy!! :)

  3. Super smooth NMMs, and the other colours are really cool too. I like especially the base... could you tell me how you made the snow? it's Natron??

  4. Hey Oli, the snow is the Andrea Miniatures stuff, mixed with a bit of GW-white and PVA. Quite simple...