Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Roman corner

This is my first mini/base, where airbrush was included in the painting process. I did the transition from light to dark on the ground with airbrush and then started to paint the stone texture with a brush. All colours used are Vallejo Air Color. Sorry for the miserable picture quality. The mosaic was painted stone by stone with a small brush.



  1. Wow, That is really nice. I love the way the texture and transition of tones work together. I haven't used one of the bases yet but have been quite tempted. You may put me over the edge on this one.


  2. Long live the airbrush....but I assume(hope) the white coloumn is not yet finished. The Mosaic is brilliant! si.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Jim, the bases by Pegaso and Romeo Models are awesome. Good quality and a reasonable price.

    Simon, the upper (white) part is basecoated and will get a rough blending with airbrush before painting. ;)

  4. Fantastic work as always... Waiting for more progress & pictures