Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Live painting, update 4 (detail work on the face)

It looks like I won't be able to paint any other parts than the face today. I have painted different shades onto the face to make it look more interesting. For some reason, I am not yet satisfied with the result. This might still be a wip but I don't really like the direction this moves towards. On the other hand, I can't really tell what the problem is. I have the feeling that the forehead is lacking some details. Maybe some scars solve this problem.

The hair is just a basecoat, nothing really happened here. I just painted it to get a better feeling for the contrast I want to achieve. I am not sure about a beard, we will see.

The cam takes away a lot of contrast, the paper in the background is meant to be white. :)

I will have a break for at least 30 minutes now, please don't expect the next update during the next hour or so.

Any ideas what I have to change?



  1. To me it looks quiet nice. But you said you wanted a skin that looks a bit pale, and by saying that you already did paint different shades onto the face, I assume you already started the shadows? Well at the moment even if you didn't start the shadows yet, they are imo too redish, too tanned for pale skin. Maybe more greyish shadows? Maybe with glazes? Sorry if this idea is crap, I'm a bit out of training...

    Good luck!

    Hope this helps you a bit.

  2. I second the opinion of the stylish man in the tie. Green, blue or purple glazes to make the face more alife could be good.

    As far as his forehead is concerned is this dude the Anti-Waigel. No eyebrows.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Hey nice so far , if i can trust my eyes and the pic, u used several of brown red and purple tones for the shades or?
    The Forhead looks smooth but u are right to make it more interesting. Scratches, Fleshwound or a scar would be an option.
    On the right below the zygoma it looks a bit like a line that does not fit at this place, looks strange to me.
    Im looking forward for the next Step.

    Suggestions and Ideas:
    An unshaved look would break the skin in skin tones
    Maby slightly green and blue tones for a more ill and bloodless look..

    Kindest Regards