Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Live painting, update 8 (finished armour)

Here is the last update of the current live painting. I have finished the armour by painting scratches onto it. Note that the flash makes the colours look more vibrant than they are irl. I am quite happy with the outcome, it is kind of an eyecatcher near the face, just in the right position.

I will stop the live painting at this stage, because up next are large parts of skin, something you  have already seen yesterday. Nevertheless, I will post regular updates during the next couple of days. Maybe I will build the base before the mini is finished, it will be a wild jungle with some hidden nids.

Thanks a lot for following all the time, I am very happy about the positive feedback.



  1. Danke, dass wir dir über die Schulter schauen durften.
    Ich würde gerne mal den Schulterpanzer in Großaufnahme sehen. Die Kratzer sehen klasse aus.

  2. Man, your foto-skills are not that good, but the paintjob looks quite good! Greetz Tuffskull

  3. Had a busy day this morning, and now the whole livepainting is over. too sad.

    looks promising so far.
    as the shoulderpad has this checkered angular optic, it would be great to have digital camo on the pants. just to challange your freehand skills.


  4. @ Chris: eine Großaufnahme reiche ich beim nächsten update zu der Figur nach.

    @ Tuffskull: I do my very best ^_^

    @ Harald: I have thought about that kind of camo, funny you had the same idea. Then again, how usual is something digital in the jungle? I will ask google for help and decide afterwards. Thanks for you creative input.


  5. Great photo series, Chris! I was out for several days so I've got pretty intensive reading session. Love your progress and love this WIP reports with lots of photz. The face you've made is fantastic and I like the shoulderpad too. Great color choice and well executed. Go on, we want more!