Sonntag, 5. August 2012

Games Day Germany 2012 preview

Next weekend (August 12th) another German Games Day will take place in Cologne. As i said before, I will not take part this year, the reasons for that are numerous yet unimportant. If you are still thinking about a trip there, or if you are painting the final brushstrokes on one of your entries, you might find the following links helpful.

  • You can review the rules for the German GD here and here (in German only, sorry).
  • Here you can check out who will do the painting demonstrations during the day.
  • Go to the Bemalforum to check out a full list of international painters and their entries (go to the last page).
  • If you like to visit the painters dinner on Saturday, check this out.
  • A 360-version of the GD-miniature can be seen here.


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  1. We missed you Chris! Don't do this to us again! :P

    If you would like to see a few videos about the event check out my blog! (