Samstag, 18. August 2012

WIP: Finubars Pride

I started this project right after the first pictures and information about the last GD Germany came in. The increase of quality in that competition has really motivated me and I am eager to enter as many miniatures as possible next year. I have already finished one entry and I aim to go there with at least six or seven entries. As I do not only want to enter in Single Miniature (40k, Fantasy, LotR), I felt it is time to go for another regiment of Warhammer Fantasy. I have always been a great fan of Bretonnia, The Empire, Wood Elves and High Elves. With the Island of Blood box, GW released tons of great figures at a really fair price. After my Bonecrusher from this box, I will now paint a unit of 5 Lothern Sea Guards. I struggled finding a good colour concept because in my opinion, these minis have been painted perfectly by Volomir. The only thing I knew was the fact that my version should show no similarities with his regiment. As he used mostly cold colours, I decided to go for the opposite. I also did not convert the minis, I will paint them right out of the box.
The current state shows the musician after maybe 5 hours of painting. I will try to finish each miniature in about 15 hours, maybe 20 for the Champion and the banner bearer. Including the bases, this project should be finished in about 100 hours of painting, what is quite effective in my oppinion.

I hope you like the mini so far, let me know what you think.



  1. Hey Chris :)

    Great to see your brushes are out again! I really like the colours you have used on this one. For me Volomir did an incredible job with his cold colours but there is a beautiful, fantasy feel about purple and yellow that looks like it will work really well on the elves. It gives them a slightly softer, earthen feel.
    I look forward to watching this progress.

  2. Your painting is so clean chris !
    Definitly love the way you paint.
    I hope you'll win lot of demons in 2013 :D !


  3. Man that is some awesome blending there. Crisp! Even though I am currently working on a gaming quality army, seeing this really tickles my inspiration :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolut harmonische Farbwahl mit von dir gewohnten perfekten Blendings. Wunderbar! Ich würde aber aufpassen, dass es im Gesamten nicht zu dunkel wird und somit vieleicht schon eine gewisse Dunkelelfenanmutung bekommt. (Weiße Ormanente...?)
    Bin gespannt wie es weitergeht!

  5. Oh my god Chris!! I love your choice of colours so much!! This is going to be absolutely mind blowing if you keep this level. You are making me so happy right now!!! KEEP UP PLEASE!!!!! :O

  6. WOW guys, I am so happy about your numerous comments. That motivates me a lot!!!!

    @ Chris: thanks a lot mate. Sry I didn't make it to this years GD, I hope we'll meet next year in Cologne.

    @ Julien: Hey, nice to have you here on the blog, a real honour for me!!! Same wishes to you!!!

    @ Dims: thanks a lot man!!!

    @ Raffa: I am glad that you like it. :)

    @ Chris B.: Du hast recht, aktuell kippt das Bild etwas in zu dunkle Nuancen, wirkt fast schon dunkelelfig. Ich versuch das durch starke Lichter im oberen Teil der Figur auszugleichen, mal schauen was herauskommt.

    @ Volomir: Thanks, hearing this kind of feedback from my huge inspirational source considering this minis makes me really happy.


  7. Tis a beautiful group of colours, sucking my eyes in, warm elves ^^