Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

WIP Finubars Pride: update #1

Painting is so much fun at the moment, I can't remember to have enjoyed it that much during the last two years. Sorry for the blurry pic, it is the best I could take. I hope you like it, let me know what you think.



  1. Hi Chris

    I really like what you did with these colours on the high elf. Nice smooth blendings. I have the ending of Lord of the Rings in my mind. The Part in that Frodo went on the ship. the light on the elf could be the same.
    The only thing i could find is that the colour of the clothes are very near to the gold armour.

    Sorry for my bad english...i´m just german



  2. Chris!! I'm following you closely :) Sexy work indeed!!! I agree with DarkKnight on his impression that probably the clothes and armour are too similar, but you can get a very interesting homogeneus overall effect on all the unit if you continue like this, which is also great. I personally would break the scheme with the addition of another colour but I'm not sure which I would use, probably some kind of red which always catches the viewers attention very much. I don't know, I think that is a very personal choice and I love what you are doing. And the best part is that you said you are having one of the best times painting ever. That shows on the result!!! KEEP ON ROLLING!!!

  3. Nice to hear that you are back at the painting table. And good work too. The colours are really nice, but a little bit gay. But thats fitting for elves....

    But, why only doing 5 spearmen? yes its the minimun requirement and less work, but hey a unit of 10 looks much more awesome.


  4. Great natural colour scheme, with fantastic blendings. Will keep an eye on it...

  5. really nice one !!! you progress a lot on painting...