Freitag, 3. August 2012

WIP update #2: "Oficial de los Tercios Espanoles"

Here is a current update on my progress with the Spanish guy. I struggled painting the pants, mainly because I missunderstood the sculpt und painted it totally wrong. For the second try, I chose another colour and avoided hard lines. That part is not finished yet, I will add a few brown areas to make the shadow parts stand out a bit more. At the moment, the pants seem too flat. The pictures don't show it but I also painted some sort of  texture effect. I hope his comes out better in the next update.
The rest are minor things, I painted the red feather using a colour recipe I got from Picster, it makes painting red really easy. In addition, I painted the shirt collar. The pictures take away some of the contrast, looks too flat here.



  1. This face has so much expression! Well done, Chris :-)

  2. Hello Chris,

    the face is brilliant, absolut brillant !!!

    Great, i hope to see more :-)