Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Live painting announcement: tomorrow, August 24th, beginning 7 am

I finished my version of Robin Hood today and prepared a new miniature for painting. Tomorrow I will do a live painting session, what means I will post wips all day long and write my thoughts on every single step (base, face, focus, airbrush, colour choice...). You can send questions on ugotitbad(at)gmx.de and I will answer during the painting process. The miniature I will paint can be seen below, it is a Latorre sculpt sold by Art Girona. I will start early, around 7 am and will most likely stop at 4 pm. Due to technical problems I am not able to answer comments at the moment, so please get in contact via email.



  1. Nice idea my friend. I really look forward to follow you!


  2. What a nice initiative!!! I just read both articles on the face, great work and very instructive. I love your tutorials Chris.