Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Live painting, update #4: using airbrush on the uniform

I took a break, had a coffee and something to eat. After that, I used Tamya masking tape to protect the face, boots and the free hand from the colour that will be sprayed onto the miniature. The Basecoat is a mix of Vallejo Dark Sea Grey, Vallejo Model Air Gray Primer and Vallejo Model Air Skin Tone (10-1-3). After two layers of basecoat I added a bit more Skin Tone to the mix and sprayer the first lights. I then added more Skin Tone and repeated this step. The nuances on the uniform are very narrow, there is still a lot of work to be done with the brush.

I will now start to paint lights on the uniform, using the rest of the colour from the airbrush. There are about two hours left for today and I will definitely not be able to finish the mini. For that reason, I will continue tomorrow at 7am. :)

@ Volomir: thanks a lot man!!!

@ Tom Riddle: I used no airbrush for the face but for the uniform.

@ Colonel Shofer: thanks a lot :)

@ Tuffskull: I am glad that you like it.

@ Sebastian: see above for the masking tape...



  1. Hey Chris nice further steps. On the face you can use latex to mask it, then you would be able to paint all the skin in one step. I am looking to see more.