Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Live painting, update #1: choosing the base, preparing the miniature

I just began and I already feel like I'm late. ^^
Usually I begin with the base of the miniature, just because it is more fun and you see process very quickly. With this miniature, I will not do so. The reason for that is because it will be a very simple base, more or less just sand and a few rocks and a bit of dry grass.
However, there are a few important things I would like to say about the right wooden base:

Height: usually, the base should NOT be higher than the miniature, nore should it be much smaller. Both effect will usually have a negative influence in the overall impression. The picture below shows, that the miniature and the base have about the same size.

Top: The top of the base should be about 2/3 the miniatures size, when you don't plan any walls, buildings, trees or whatsoever. Very often I see well painted miniatures on way to huge wooden bases. That way, the miniature seems lost, small and out of focus. That is bad....

Colour of the base: For years I only used bases that I sprayed black. That way, all of the focus went on the scenery and miniature on top of the base. Today, I try to use bases, that have a similar colour as the ground (not necessarily the miniature). By using similar colours for wooden base and scenery, you don't see a strict border between base and the rest. That is good...

Preparing the miniature

I removed all moldlines yesterday and filled some gaps on the shoulders and the neck with green stuff. This morning, I drilled holes into the legs and pinned them. This way I can attach the mini onto a painting base in the right position. I always drill the holes into the heel and up the leg. Otherwise, there would be very little space for the drill and I would ruin the shoes.

While I write this lines, the glue (UHU Strong&Safe) is drying. The miniature is ready to be primed and painted. Time to get a coffe and take out the brushes....

If you have any questions, send me an email (ugotitbad(at) or write a comment.


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