Montag, 29. August 2011

Painting with the monkeys, weisern and Sebastian Archer

Yesterday I was invited to join the Jungle Crew in the holy halls of hallucinating creativity. Some "special guests" from Australia spent some days here in Augsburg and brought some awesome miniatures as well. I is always a pleasure to talk to Seb and weisern, they are just cool and humble guys. I didn't paint at all, the Aussies told us about Crocs, GW-politics and antivenom and we talked about future plans. Big Kong taught us some theory concerning colours, Chewbacca-style (awesome time, will never forget that)....^^

Some pics....

By the way, I finished the live painting miniature on Saturday and took it to Raffa. He will kindly take pictures, so I will soon show the final result and some Games Day miniatures.


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  1. Oh my god, another young and innocent talent was torn apart from the reality and taken by the dark ruthless jungle where the old greyback summons his monkey army to take over the world.

    Good that you joined their team! Chaotic creativity combined with your perfect blendings will add yet another painting dimension to the jungle.

    Best regards,