Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Live painting, update #8: worn bag

Another small update, I guess it is the last one for today. I didn't manage to paint as much as I thought I would, mainly because of the high temperature (30+ degrees at my painting desk). My aim is to finish the mini untill tomorrow 12am, including the base.
I took a wip shot during the painting of the worn leather but it turned out quite bad. This is the way I painted it:

> Ground Colour is a mix of Scorched Brown, Bronzed Flesh and Vallejo Air Golden Brown (10-1-2). I painted several thin layers of this colour onto the bag.

> I added more Golden Brown to the mix and took a "larger" brush (Da Vinci Nova Synthetics Size 0). I dipped the tip of the brush into the paint and removed most of the colour on a tissue. Note that the tip must not end in one point, an older brush does a very good service here. I then started dipping the almost dry brush onto the bag, trying to let the pattern look random.

> I repeated this step two times, once by adding more Golden Brown and once by adding a bit of Bleached Bone. The contrast must be very strong at this point.

> Then I used "Badab Black", one of Citadels new washes and thinned it down a lot. After about 5 to 7 layers, you start seeing how the colours run together, the contrast isn't that strong any longer.

> The last step is to take some undilluted wash and dip it on the bag, leaving really dark spots. This is it.

The contrast on the last pictures is hardly visible, it is a bit stronger in real.

Shejtan asked for some colour recipes, I will a list of the colours I used in the end of the painting process.

Thank you very much for your great support via mail and here on the blog!!!!



  1. The used leather looks stunning. Fantastic job. Tuffskull

  2. This has been excellent to follow. Thanks for the effort! Looking forward to the big finish tomorrow...